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Hiring Freelance Professional Website Designers for Your Business

In every business,the company website has a very valuable part to play in its success.

Amazon ImageEverything is driven by one’s success on the Internet these days, and the importance of a winning design can hardly be overestimated. For many startup businesses, the only way they can afford professional web designers is if they go looking for freelance talent. Those are the only professionals they can afford, and they are the only ones who are likely to really take the time to truly understand what each client needs.

How do you find professional website designers who are competent and good to work with though? How do you know who the best one is? Well, take a look at these tips to keep in mind.

Amazon ImageNow any freelancer who is good enough, is going to have a pretty impressive looking resume. You certainly need to take a look at it, but that’s not all you need to look for. Professional website designers work freelance and who live on the strength of their portfolios.

You need to take a close look at each portfolio to make sure that they have a style that matches what you have in mind. You need to take a look at the websites that they have designed so far, and see if they seem inspiring in a way that matches your taste. You’ll find it a lot easier working with a web designer who clearly is already on the same wavelength as you.

As wonderful as a website’s design may be, a website is still, only as good as it is findable. For small businesses, close to 15% of their traffic comes from search engine explorations by users. If your website doesn’t show on the first page, you’re missing out. As you talk to the freelance website designers that you wish to work with, make sure that they do SEO.

A good bit of search engine traffic is often lost to slow load times. People on slow connections simply get sick of waiting for a page to load . There is research that shows that business websites lose about 30% of their traffic on a routine basis because of their websites take more than 10 seconds to load.

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As in most things to do with business, the ability to work to a deadline is a very important in professional website designers. You do want your business website to be up and running in as little time as possible. You need to try to get a freelancer who is really good with delivering on time.

Once you have a short list of a couple of excellent professional website designers, it’ll come down to personal preference. And that’s a good idea. You do need to find someone whom you are comfortable with.

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