A gift from Google to fuel up your website’s SEO

If you have a business website, most surely you would do anything have your customers contact you. But are you doing the “Seo Way”? Google places seo is what you need to know. These past few months. Google had upgraded their precious spider to crawl on websites that give a lot of contact information. In this way, people will opt to use Google as their default everyday search providers. What a great tactic from Google! This strategy is usually a win-win situation benefiting all the parties, business websites with useful contact information get good page ranks, people who search will receive outstanding results with all the legit business websites being displayed, and also Google gets more popular. A good marketing website to infuse your seo learning can also be found at http://ssolver.com/. Also business websites with a myriad number of contact information can be branded usually to provide better professional services.

While this may be an effective tactic, this information already reached the masses. What does that mean? It means people all around the world are constantly filling up their websites with all the contact information they can provide. Emails, phone numbers, contact persons, addresses and such. But there is still a way, an effective way is to place all your contact information on one page. In this way, the Google Spider won’t labor itself of having to crawl all over the website grabbing information one by one and deciding if you’re eligible to be in the search result. So don’t need to scatter, just put them on one page. Another good way is to register to Google , Google loves this and so the spider.

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Also as sadly as it may seems, this alone wont get you far away. Study seo, study how the internet moves, and just keep on studying.

Article written by Barry