Keyword Research

What are most Singaporeans Search For this Chinese New Year 2015?

Google inquiry things exhibit how Singaporeans plan for the cheerful season Chinese New Year or CNY 2015. While approaching events like the Chingay take the top locate not long from now, sustenance is, clearly, everyone’s next most prominent obsession. Various people are uncovering how to make standard goodies like pineapple tarts, and exploring indulgences like abalone. “Chinese New Year” itself… Read more →

SEO Keyword Density Vs Diversity

To give you ideas on the score you can run a Google search for your main key phrase, then “Search Tools”, then change all results to Related Results. Voila, instant ideas that Google already thinks are very relevant to your keyphrase. Play around with it, use different combinations of keywords to get a really comprehensive list. Write an article about… Read more →