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If you have heard of the Pages NOT Posts Web Traffic Strategy then you most likely are familiar with the popular service for bloggers called Blogging Underground.

bu-logo-tv-noise-black-ani-70x70Blogging Underground is a membership website that provides SEO tools and web traffic services for webmasters, website owners and bloggers.

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Most notable about a membership to Blogging Underground is it’s unique Targeted Traffic System which includes a number of features including access to a large network of high quality blogs that members can post articles in.

The traffic system is very effective at improving visibility in search engines as posting articles allows webmasters to get very relevant contextual links for their targeted keywords. Relevance is the name of the game and can really boost a web pages position in the search results.

If you want more free targeted traffic you should really have a look at Blogging Underground. They have a huge number of training videos that go into great detail about the best practices for getting more web traffic.

To see the latest videos head over to the Blog at Blogging Underground

You’ll find many linking tips including How To Get The Perfect Text Link

More info on Blogging Underground Blogs at the Facebook Fan Page

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