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How To Start A Blog That Makes Money! Pages Not Posts!

Pages Not Posts!

How To Start A Blog That Makes Money!

Are you using the Pages NOT Posts Web Traffic Strategy on your blogs?

If not - you're missing out on an extremely effective site structure startegy that can bring your Wordpress blog a lot more traffic!

OK, so everyone else seems to be building blogs and putting their articles and best content into posts, right???

Does that mean that you should BLINDLY follow along and do the same thing? After all - if they're all doing it - doesn't it make sense to do the same?

NO! NO NO NO!!! PAGES not POSTS is the secret that will help you get more top rankings and free traffic!

If you want to start your blog off the right way - you need to do it better and it all begins with proper internal site structure.

According to Mike Liebner of Blogging Underground you will have a huge advantage if your site structure revolves around a static page on your sites home page.

A static home page is one that isn't constantly changing. That way it's very clear what the page is about, as opposed to constantly changing content which can confuse search engines (and people too).

"Pages Not Posts" works with Wordpress blogs - simply change the setting in WP ADMIN that says show posts on the home page - set it to show a page - and then point it to your best content web page and make it show on the home page!

That's the best way to start a blog that makes money!

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